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Some helpful resources we love, and can help on your healthy transitions to positive change.

Communication: Why it can feel foreign and what to do about it.

Regardless of your situation, the past two years have presented challenges to relationships in one form or another. Maybe you feel misunderstood by your partner? Perhaps you are tired or being alone and you aren’t quite sure what “putting yourself back out there” can even look like. Maybe you are a little apprehensive of going back to work and mingling with people you used to know, but now feel like complete strangers.

We are all facing a reintegration of sorts back into our respective worlds and moving forward requires some acknowledgement of how our communication can help or hinder us with all of this.

Love the One Within: Part 1
Far too often we can become really critical of ourselves, defining our successes in life through comparison with others and influences on social media that tell us who we should be versus who we want to be.
The self-judgment and fear creep in preventing us from truly enjoying our life or taking chances that could lead us down our desired path.
The good news is that we can change ALL of this and start exploring and living our life as the person who feels happy again. We talk about all of this in this video.
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Love The One Within: Part 2

Do you find yourself grabbing food on the go from a take-out window, only to feel hungry soon after, spending the rest of the evening indulging with snacks?
Have you gained weight and feel tired most of the time?
Are you not sure where to start when it comes to your relationship with food?

The type of food we eat can significantly impact our mood and energy levels. Karly Meincke, our dietitian, offers some guidance for all of this, along with a healthy option to keep in the fridge for those busy times. Have a listen!

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Preserving Your Inner Peace
Reflecting on world events and how our own state of inner peace is really the key to seeing ourselves and others through all of this.
Anxiety & What To Do With It
Are you on autopilot, just going through life and feeling disconnected from the present moment and your own body, lost in your thoughts?
Have a listen to the video for some tips on how to manage this and how to alleviate the anxiety that prevents us from stepping forward into a new way of living fully!
Registered Psychotherapist Meckenzie Warrington discusses overindulgence, emotions and what we can do to offer ourselves healthier options and support when we are feeling stressed.
6-Week Nutrition Kick Start

Our in-house dietitian, Karly, discusses the link between our nutrition and mental health and shares details about the 6-Week Kick Start Program she is offering. 

Three things parents miss when talking to their kids

Three things parents miss when talking to their kids including validating their emotions, the story line that gets created any our own vibe.

Tips to handle emotions

A few tips on handling your emotions when they run high, especially in times of anxiety.

How to connect with others and yourself during this time of ‘social distancing’.

Finding new ways to connect with others.

Problem Solving Tips

Are you stuck in your head analyzing your problems and missing out on life? Watch our 2-step process on how to solve any problem you encounter in your day, gain peace of mind and find happiness again.

Free eBooks

Talking to your Kids about the Pandemic

Stress Rescue - Coping Skills

Sleep Series

Other Resources

Some other helpful resources we love

A wide range of support for all things parenting.

A variety of helpful resources from books, podcasts and TedTalks. 

Resources on a range of topics including addiction, stress and childhood development

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