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Warm Greetings From Our Wellness Studio

A range of services are offered and tailored to your personal path of wellness. Each is reflective of your needs and personal healing goals. Professional learning opportunities and staff well-being initiatives, along with corporate mental health planning, are also available.

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Our Services

Divorce Support

Finding the best possible outcome with this support means a healthier transition for your family and a more successful co-parenting plan.

Couples and Marital Therapy

Not sure where to begin? Let us help you strengthen your relationship and build a foundation.

Teens & Young Adults

You don’t need to feel that explaining yourself is like talking to someone in a different language. We can help translate.


We are here to help with challenges ranging from understanding your kids in their teenage years to knowing what to do when a family member is overstressed.

Over Indulgence

We can overindulge in anything. This could be that glass of wine you look forward to every day after work or the bucket of ice cream you turn to every night.

Health and Wellness

Wellness services can lead us to understand ourselves and ensure our minds are as healthy as our bodies. Part of this is having a balanced nutrition plan.


Keeping your business running in an optimal state means having staff who are productive and not burned out


Excelling in sports means more than just maintaining peak physical condition. Youth athlete’s minds also need to be match-fit.

Our Programs

Stress Rescue and Renewal

This program is designed to help you develop coping skills that you can use in moments of stress or anxiety. Interventions such as: mindfulness, relaxation strategies, along with the impact that exercise and nutrition can have on the mind and body, will be explored. You don't have to wonder how you're going to handle that next stressful event in your life. We'll help you to find strategies that work for you and can be woven into your daily life so that you do handle stress and anxiety with greater ease when it does come up for you in your life. Parents- this is a great program to take in order to model copings skills to your children and teach this daily practice at home! Group and individual participation in this program is offered.

Love the One Within

Many of us can be really hard on ourselves and sometimes that critical voice from within can sideline our academic/personal goals and our life plan. In this program, you will learn how to quiet the inner critic and instead develop a deeper, more compassionate relationship with yourself. Imagine being able to encourage yourself and believe that you can accomplish your goals through kindness and self-compassion, while building your self-confidence. Group and individual participation in this program is offered.

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